an augmented reality poetry scavenger hunt!

OnWords is an interactive and site-specific experience that was commissioned for the Walt Whitman Centennial Celebration and Adelphi University's 2019 Fall Arts Festival. Similar to Pokémon Go!, participants can enjoy an interactive scavenger hunt where the objective is to collect lines of Whitman’s poetry using the free Wallame augmented reality application.


Kellyann Monaghan - Chair of Art & Art History, Fall Arts Festival, Adelphi University

“Through this digital scavenger hunt, Shoshanah is making both theater and poetry more accessible to the broader Adelphi community [...] What an innovative way to celebrate the work of Walt Whitman on his bicentennial [about 20 miles] from his nearby birthplace.”

Dr. Lee Stemkoski - Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science, Adelphi University

“This is a stellar example of how technology and the arts and humanities can come together to create meaningful and powerful experiences [...] with incredible potential for outreach.”